Ex Principal/Dean's Message

Im very excited and honoured to take over as Principal of Teaching institute as prestigious as Government Medical College,Srinagar.Its an institution that rests on very secure and strong foundations.In the last nearly six decades it has the distinction of producing some of the best doctors who been recognized in various geographies across the globe for their professional competence,compassion,dedication and sheer hard work.It shall be my endeavor to continue to maintain the high standards of academic excellence that the college has been known for.

Having said that ,there still is a lot of work to be done to keep pace with the rapid developments that are taking place in the field of medical research and technology.In this connection in the coming months, I Inshaallah plan to identify the areas where we need to focus.Given the limited bandwidth of colleagues,who are busy teachind and treating patients,and of course the availability of resources we will need to prioritize these actions and closely monitor their progress.
I am planning to initiate closer interaction with other institutions in the field of medical sciences and health care,particularly SKIMS and the Department of Health Services, to make coordinated efforts towards streamlining and upgrading the health care sector in the valley.We need to look at in a holistic manner and endeavor to achieve better synergy by working closely together.
Also,it shall be my endeavor to bring openness and transparency in our working and to that end i would encourage faculty and students to share their views on how to accomplish this.To initiate a free ,open and transparent communication I intend to set up regular interaction amongst us.
Finally and most importantly to achieve all this I will look forward to your cooperation  since all this will be not possible without your active support.